The Gnu Zealand 2009 tour and this ‘book of the tour’ wouldn’t have happened without assistance from many people, particularly in arranging speeches and interviews, and providing accommodation and hospitality.

In particular, I’d like to thank the following:

Auckland Simon Bridge, Elena Calude
Hamilton John Billings, David Hallett, Bruce Kingsbury, Liz Quilty
New Plymouth David Apimerika
Levin Jo Ransom
Wellington Mark Cubey, Susy Frankel, Tony Hooper, John Rankin
Christchurch Guy Field, Richard Green, Megan Ingle, Dave Lane, Lisa Stanger, Peter Stanger, Rik Tindall

I’d also like to acknowledge Richard Stallman’s support and encouragement. He took time from his busy schedule after leaving New Zealand to review all of the transcripts that are included here. RMS, I hope you like the result.

Brenda Chawner
11 December 2009

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