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Bibliographies introduce 3 new markup elements:

  • cite(ref-id) makes a reference to a citation, defined elsewhere on the page
  • a (:bib:)(:bibend:) block marks the location of the citations on the page
  • within a bib … bibend block, lines starting with * or # or : followed by ref-id define citations

1.  “cite” makes a reference

The full structure of cite markup is


The ref-id must start with a letter and may be followed by any combimation of letters, numbers, and [-.:] characters. Accented letters are allowed — the ref-id is converted into a valid HTML anchor.

The cite options describes the role of the various cite options. They can be used in any combination.

The available cite options
citecite(Smith:2006)Smith (2006)default
ppcite(Smith:2006)Smith 2006no parentheses
PPcite(Smith:2006)(Smith, 2006)outside parentheses
iicite(Smith:2006)Smith, 2006implied parentheses
citecite(delMonte:2006)del Monte (2006)spaced name
CCite(delMonte:2006)Del Monte (2006)capital first letter
citecite(Fee:Fie:Foe:2006)Fee et al. (2006)default is et al.
citEcite(Fee:Fie:Foe:2006)Fee, Fie and Foe (2006)expanded names
tcitet(Smith:2006)(2006)suppress author text
TciteT(Smith:2006)Smithauthor text only
icitei(Smith:2006"p 5")(p 5)implied text
nocitenocite(Smith:2006)no outputlist in bibliography

As note options shows, an author can defines notes as prefixes, suffixes, or both.

The available note options
“suffix”cite(Smith:2006"p 5")Smith (2006, p 5)note suffix
“prefix″cite(Smith:2006"see"")see Smith (2006)note prefix
“pre”suf”cite(Smith:2006"see"p 5")see Smith (2006, p 5)both

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2.  “bib” makes a citation block

The full structure of bib markup is

   (:bib <options :)

   … citations


As bibliography options shows, an author can control most aspects of the bibliography output.

The available bibliography options
pagepage=Citationsincludes the citations from page
fmtfmt=textdefault is year-style references only
 fmt=biblist unreferenced citations only
 fmt=*year-style references and unreferenced citations
 fmt=numproduces numbered references
 fmt=#number references and list unreferenced citations
sortsort=yessort references and unreferenced citations
 sort=refsort only the references
 sort=bibsort only the unreferenced citations
 sort=nosort neither references nor unreferenced citations

For example, (:bib page="PageA PageB PageC" fmt=bib sort=no :) will generate an unsorted list of the citations defined on pages A, B and C. Any duplicate ref-ids will be listed separately. By default, lists of citaations are sorted by the ref-id.

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