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The (:bib:) … (:bibend:) block contains the text for each citation, as it will appear in the bibliiography. In the current version of the citation engine, the author is responsible for formatting citations to the desired style. Some options are available to control how the citation information is used.

Refer to the example citation, for cite(Daly:2007), shown below.

* Daly:2007 : Daly, Patrick W., 2007. \
'/Natural Sciences Citations and References./' \"2007-05-09"


Refer to the example citation, for Daly (2007), shown below.

This shows the simplest form of a citation:

  • a unique key, Daly:2007
  • author name
  • a title, wrapped in the '/ … /' title markup
  • a url, ending with the date accessed, in quotes
  • use of a \ character for end-of-line continuation

In this example, we have used a reference key of the form Author:year. The citation handler turns this into “Author (year)” — in much the same way as the wiki spaces wiki words. Some authors prefer to use simpler keys, for example, Dal07. In this case, we need to tell the wiki what to use for reference link text in the body of the page, so that cite(Dal07) produces Daly (2007). The first line of the citation in the bib block would then read:

* Dal07"Daly (2007)" : ...

In numeric references, the citation engine normally generates a unique number to use as the reference text and to identify each citation listed in the bibliography. For example, cite(Dal07) would produce [1]. In some cases, an author may wish to over-ride this behaviour, so that cite(Dal07) produces [natbib] for example. To achieve this, the first line of the citation in the bib block would then read:

* Dal07"Daly (2007)"natbib" : ...

When you click the edit link next to a citation, the engine provides an edit form to ensure each entry is correctly structured. If the (:bib:) directive specifies an abbr=PageName option, the engine expands any {Abbreviation} terms into the full text as defined on PageName. An abbreviation must start with an upper case letter.

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References for Citation Options

(edit)Daly, Patrick W., 2007. Natural Sciences Citations and References., accessed on 09 May 2007.

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