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This is a second example of how to use easy citations, please see example 1 first. Just look at the source of this page to see the details of how it is done.

Quick summary - textual citations:
  1. Use cite(key) to cite items in the bibliography. Note that for proper use you should follow a convention for the key. Something like <author>:YYYY is recommended, e.g. Ridderström:2003.
  2. Add items to the bibliography as
    (:bib fmt=text:)
    : Ridderström:2003 : ''{Legged locomotion: {B}alance, control and tools -- from equation to action'', C. Ridderström, 2003

The rest to be fixed…

You use easy citations to cite items in a bibliography by writing cite(key) which results in [key, 2]. This cites an item in the bibliography list that is automatically generated and placed at the end of the current page. One simple use for citations is have a list of various web pages that you want to refer to as in this example:

This page [thispage, This Page] is a wiki page, and the wiki engine used here is called PmWiki [pmwiki, 3] and the easy citations is a so called cookbook recipe [easycitations, 1]. That recipe is required for the citations to work on this page.

Note that citing an item twice does not produce a new number. The use of numbers to refer to items in the bibliography is called using a numerical citation style. There is also a textual citation style, see ??? for an example on how to use that.

For clarity, the bibliography on this page is displayed with the keys=keys option, which makes the citation keys visible.

How do I use it?

There are two steps two using easy citations:

  • Add a bibliographic database to the page where you write the information about the things you wish to refer. This can be as simple as writing:
    : key : Text of the reference that will show up in the bibliography.
    : pmwiki :
You can have as many entries as you like within (:bib:)(:bibend:).
  • Cite your references. This can be as simple as writing cite(key) which results in [key, 2].

See ?? for further information and examples.



  • Christian Ridderström

References for Easy Citation Example 2

[1]   “easycitations” — (edit)Cookbook:EasyCitations — the recipe page for easy citations

[2]   “key” — (edit)Text of the reference that will show up in the bibliography.

[3]   “pmwiki” — (edit) — the main website for PmWiki

[This Page]   “thispage” — (edit) — this web page

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