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This is test 1 one of easy citations.

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Example 2

The following is an example using a proof-of-concept simple citation markup. It supports various Bibliography Features.

Bla bla bla Adam’s book [2] … and … [see 8]. Bla bla and as Adam wrote [1, p 500] bla bla… Bla bla by [see 4] — this is by Rankin and Ridderström

And finally [7] — how cool is that!

Ridderström has written several papers about legged locomotion, for instance [5] and [6] where the latter focuses on radially symmetric stances.

Now citing some URIs: [10] and [9].

Testing citep… 5.
Testing citep… 7.
Testing citeP… [Ridderström, 5].
Testing citeP… [Soo et al., 7].
Testing citet… Ridderström [5].
Testing citet… Soo et al. [7].
Testing citeT… Ridderström.
Testing *cite… [5].
Testing *cite… [7].
Testing *citeP… [Soo, Grabbitt, and Runn, 7].
Testing cite-… [priv. comm.].
Testing cite-p… priv. comm..
Testing cite-t… Ridderström 5.
Testing cite-T… [Ridderström].
Testing cite-P… Ridderström, 5.

Testing compounds: [3]


Let’s see the bibliography! There is a problem with Ridderström at the moment. Not any more.


  • What should we do with special characters in names?
    • change them into HTML entities, then remove the & and ; — thereby producing a valid anchor
  • Why does the bibliography automatically appear at the end of the page? (What if I want something after the bibliography)
    • it loads the bibliography into $HTMLFooterFmt and the template controls where this goes (there are ways to put other things into the footer, if needed)
  • Is the bibliography sorted? If so, why is ‘von Gaza’ at the end?
    • in the Wellington telephone book, ‘von’ sorts with the letter V, which is between U and W
  • What will happen with an author named ‘Åkesson’? (In Swedish ‘Å’ is sorted after ‘Z’)
    • have a look at [11]

References for Easy Citation Test 1

[1]   (edit)Michaud, P.(2004). Some Wiki Title.

[2]   (edit)Rankin, John. A title goes here, 2006.

[3]   (edit)Rankin, John; Peter Smith and Alun Jones. Bicultural or Multicultural?, JCA 2006

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[6]   (edit)Christian Ridderström, Stability of statically balanced, radially symmetric stances for legged robots on compliant surfaces, CLAWAR 2002

[7]   (edit)Soo, Peggy, Henry Grabbitt and Logan Runn. On the edge, Freestyle Press: 2005.

[8]   (edit)von Gaza, Hartmut. Diesel engines are the future, 1984.

[9]   (edit)

[10]   (edit) , accessed on 11 October 2006.

[11]   (edit)Åkesson, F. Typesetting and Telephony: sorting in the real world, Dialtone Today: 2000.

Further reading

(edit)J. Ingvast and C. Ridderström and F. Hardarson and J. Wikander, Improving a trotting robot’s gait by adapting foot trajectory offsets

(edit)Christian Ridderström, Legged locomotion: {B}alance, control and tools — from equation to action, PhD. Thesis

(edit)Christian Ridderström and Johan Ingvast, Warp1: Towards walking in rough terrain — Smooth foot placement, CLAWAR 2003

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