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Test page four(alpha) for easy citations.

You can [[view the source of this page -> {$Name}?action=source]].


* cite(Ridderström:2002:SSB)
* cite(Ridderström:2002:SSBR)
* cite(Ridderström:2003:LLC)
* cite(Rankin:2006)
* cite(Ranking:2006) - a reference key that doesn't exist!

(:bib fmt=#:)
: Ridderström:2002:SSB : C. Ridderström, Statically balanced bla bla
: Ridderström:2002:SSBR : C. Ridderström, Statically balanced and radially symmetric bla bla
: Ridderström:2003:LLC : C. Ridderström,
testing if automatic indentation works.
: Rankin:2006: Testing with line continuation \
Hmm... does this work?

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