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Bibliographies: Less Common Bib Options

The default text values used in formatting the list of references may be changed, by adding one or more of the following optional <name≥”<text value>” pairs to the (:bib:) directive.

Options for bib blocks
NameDefault valuePurpose
access, accessed on %d %B %YTranslation of yyyy-mm-dd in reference text
duplicatesDuplicate reference(s)Title given to any references with duplicate keys
moreFurther readingTitle given to uncited references when fmt=# or fmt=*
nonenone citedDisplayed if a page contains a bib block and no citations
titleReferences for {$Title}Title given to the list of references
newNew reference(s):Displayed if unk=unk option shows undefined citations

An author can cause the citation keys to be displayed along with the reference text, by specifying the option keys=keys. This can be useful when looking for a “missing” reference.

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