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26 April 2007 at 08:05 PM by John Rankin - list variants
Added lines 1-19:
The following variants on [=cite(key)=] are useful from time to time.

* Soo:Grabbitt:Runn:Hyde:2000 : Soo, Harry; Grabbitt, Arthur; Runn, Sally; and Hyde, Jacob; 2000. \
'/Modern Legal Practice/', Cayman University Press

* dellaRobbia:1984 : della Robbia, Alice; 1984. \
'/Checks and Stripes: a comparative study/', The Aardvark 6.3

* Rankin:2006 : Rankin, John; 2006. \


We want to spell out the full author list: *cite(Soo:Grabbitt:Runn:Hyde:2000) instead of cite(Soo:Grabbitt:Runn:Hyde:2000). Cite(dellaRobbia:1984) instead of cite(dellaRobbia:1984). Finally, we have an example of an uncited reference -- included in the list of references, but no link in the text. nocite(Rankin:2006)

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