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Bibliographies: Limitations

The author specifies the format of the reference within the (:bib:) block — the recipe does not provide field-based encoding and formatting of references. This is the top priority for enhancement, if there is sufficient demand.

Only one (:bib:) block per page is allowed — all references must be in a single bib block (which can include references from the bib blocks on other pages, using page=PageName).

Only one key per cite is allowed; that is, cite(key) is valid, but cite(key1, key2) is not supported — use cite(key1), cite(key2).

If cite markup starts a bullet list item, there must be a space between the * and cite — otherwise *cite is treated as a request to suppress automatic contraction of 3 or more authors into et al.

References are sorted by key, which may produce incorrect results in some cases — authors must choose keys carefully, with sorting in mind.

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