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To support bibliographies, we need as a minimum the ability to:

  • define one or more BIBTEX files, either as wiki pages or as uploaded files
    • the wiki way would be to have one or more bibliography groups, with a page per citation
  • provide a mechanism to specify a BIBTEX file, the default citation style and the reference style
    • for example (:bibtex bib=Name cite=text:)
  • provide a mechanism to cite a reference in a BIBTEX file
    • for example (:cite unique-ref-id:)
    • the author may over-ride the default reference style for individual citations
    • since it’s a link, should it use intermap markup, i.e. Cite:PageName#ref-id
  • output the list of citations at the end of the page or page collection, in alphabetical order or the order in which they are cited
    • for a numeric reference style (e.g. [1]), the citations may appear as footnotes or endnotes
  • support both HTML and PDF output, with an option to export a page or pages as raw LATEX
  • upload existing BIBTEX files to the wiki

It would be highly desirable to:

  • provide a form-based mechanism for adding and editing citations
  • cite entries from multiple BIBTEX databases on the same wiki page
  • define casual citations within a wiki page, rather than on a separate database page or group
    • for example @Article{ … }, @Misc{ … }} (markup is @reference_type{ field name and value pairs })
  • export citations in BIBTEX format

Supported reference styles should include:

  • number i.e. [1]
  • text i.e. Hawking et al. (2005)
  • parenthesis i.e. (Hawking et al. 2005)
  • implied parenthesis i.e. Hawking et al. 2005
  • others?

Supported citation styles should include:

  • maybe just provide one default for HTML and use LATEX to generate the preferred style in the PDF version
  • or alternatively …?

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