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Development will be in 4 phases.

Prove the concept

Provide the ability to:

  • import an existing BIBTEX file into a bibliography group and create a page per citation
  • refer and link to citations in the bibliography group — click the link to view the citation
  • generate a PDF of a single wiki page including a list of references

Improve functionality

Provide the ability to:

  • format a citation page according to its citation type
  • list citations as footnotes on a wiki page
  • generate a PDF of a book of wiki pages including a bibliography

Improve usability

Provide the ability to:

  • export a bibliography group as a BIBTEX file
  • use a wiki form to add and edit citations, where citation type determines form layout
  • generate formatted lists of citations based on a range of selection criteria

Extend capability (later, as need, time and budget allow):

Provide the ability to:

  • record multiple citations on a page
  • derive a bibliography based on referring pages

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  • I would probably like to be able a correlation between a set of BIBTEX files and the bibliography database as it is stored on the wiki. How would this work when you are using multiple BIBTEX files? - Christian
    • Also note that I sometimes take advantage of defining “macros” in one BIBTEX file (using “@STRING=…”), which are then used in all of the other BIBTEX files. A similar functionality is probably desired in a wiki implementation. - Christian
  • I am unclear about what you mean with “citation page” above?
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