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Book Guide: Back Matter

The back matter contains supplementary reference material.

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  1.   1.  Glossary
  2.   2.  References
  3.   3.  Index
  4.   4.  Afterword
  5.   5.  Colophon

1.  Glossary

Wikipublisher does not currently support an alphabetic glossary of terms or cast of characters as an explicit chapter kind. A glossary can be simulated using an unnumbered chapter or an appendix. However, common practice is to print a glossary between the appendices and bibliography. If a book has both a glossary and an appendix, the best solution is to make the glossary the last chapter in the appendix. Otherwise, make it an unnumbered chapter:

* [[Glossary |unNumber: Glossary]]

It is also possible to generate a glossary automatically, by defining glossary entries in much the same way as one defines index entries. This may be investigated in a future release, if there is sufficient user demand.

2.  References

If the book contains citations that link to references defined in (:bib:) … (:bibend:) blocks, Wikipublisher generates an alphabetic list of the items referenced for each wiki page. By default, it prints these as part of the back matter. In some situations, it is more appropriate to print the references at the end of each chapter. An author can select this option by using the chapterbib=on argument in the (:typeset-book:) directive.

3.  Index

Wikipublisher can interpret wiki category markup ([[!category name]]) as index entries. Using categories to index a book shows how different kinds of index entry can be created (where nn is the generated page number).

Markup Index entry

[[!Kapiti Island]]

Kapiti Island, nn


Kapiti, nn

''[[!Codfish Island]]''

Codfish Island, nn

[[!Hobbes, Thomas]]

Hobbes, Thomas, nn

'''[[!Recovery of(Kakapo)]]'''

Recovery of, nn


Tui, nn

[[!Kereru |'''Kerer{u}''']]

Kererū, nn

[[!(Islands)Somes |!Matiu]]

Matiu, see Islands, Somes

[[!Figwit | !!McKenzie, Bret]]

McKenzie, Bret, see also Figwit

'''''[[!Mana Island]]'''''

'''''[[!Mana Island]]'''''

Mana Island, nn–mm

To enable index support for a book, the wiki administrator needs to activate the script that re-interprets category markup. In the group where the book’s trail page and contents pages will be stored, create a local/Groupname.php file with the following line of code:


Any category markup or Category/CategoryName references on pages in Groupname will now be re-interpreted as index entries. The wpcategories.php script also ensures Wikipublisher loads the correct book template — the one that includes an <index> tag. It is best to enable the wpcategories script explicitly for each book group, rather than wiki-wide; otherwise all books will include an Index chapter.

Sometimes, authors wish to include introductory text at the start of the index — to do so, create a page called Groupname/IndexHeader (do not add this page to the book’s trail; Wikipublisher will find it automatically).

4.  Afterword

If the trail page includes an Afterword page reference, this is omitted from the Main Matter and printed at the end of the book. This can be either a page called [[Afterword]] or a page using “Afterword” as a title keyword. For example:

* [[About the Author |Afterword: About the Author]]

5.  Colophon

At the foot of the last verso page of the book, Wikipublisher prints the contents of $Group.BookPrintFooter or Site.BookPrintFooter, followed by the trail $PageUrl and a date/time stamp. An author can turn this option off by using the colophon=off argument in the (:typeset-book:) directive.


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