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Wikipublisher supports production of books in languages other than English (i18n).

Setting the XML language

The $XMLLanguage variable determines the language used for various text strings in the book. It is set to “en” by default and an administrator can change this in local/config.php. Internationalisation strings lists the English text strings defined in internal Wikibook variables controlled by the language setting.

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Typographic quotes

Wikipublisher supports various styles of typographic quotes — that is, interpretation of the double (outer) and single (inner) straight quotation marks " and '. The variable $SmartQuoteStyle controls how outer and inner quotation marks will be interpreted. The default value is “GB” and produces the British style. Options for typographic quotes illustrates the supported styles.

StyleOuter quotesInner quotes
CH« … »‹ … ›
DE„ … “‚ … ‘
DK» … «› … ‹
ES« … »“ … ”
FI” … ”’ … ’
FR«  …  »“ … ”
GB“ … ”‘ … ’
NL„ … ”‚ … ’
PL„ … ”« … »
SE» … »‘ … ’

For example, to select the Danish style, add the following to local/config.php:

    $SmartQuoteStyle = 'DK';

If the text contains adjacent outer and inner quote marks, Wikipublisher inserts a thin space between them (except when the style is FR, which requires a space between outer quote marks — guillemets — and the quoted text). For example: “You say, ‘tom-eh-toe!’ and I say, ‘tom-ah-toe!’ ”

Quotes are smartened automatically into the correct opening or closing values. If necessary, authors can force a right curly quote with a backtick-quote (`'): rock ’n’ roll. The backtick-quote will always produce a right single quote mark, regardless of the smart quote style setting.


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