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Lists of books, articles and other reference material
How do I publish a bibliography? I want to create a sorted list of references and cite these from other pages.
We define a bibliography by wrapping an itemised list (* markup) of references in a (:bib:) ... (:bibend:) block. Each item in the bibliography list consists of a key name (the unique identifier of the item) followed by the text value of the reference — the place (physical or online) where the item may be found. Wikipublisher sorts the list into key name order.

An entry typically consists of author, year, title, publisher, and perhaps a url. If an item ends with an ISO date enclosed in double quotes, this gets translated into an “accessed on” note. Individual items may be edited by clicking the edit link against that item. The very long url addresses in the example are typeset to split on suitable characters and wrap onto multiple lines.

A future release may provide a way to define each reference item as a set of field/value pairs. This will give us more control over how references are formatted.

For more information, see the Bibliographies User Guide. A future tip will cover how to cite the items listed in a bibliography.

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(edit)Anderson, C. (2006). The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More. New York: Hyperion., accessed on 07 June 2007.

(edit)Benkler, Y. (2006). The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom. New Haven: Yale University Press., accessed on 30 May 2007.

(edit)Morville, P. (2005). Ambient Findability: what we find changes who we become. Sebastopol: O’Reilly Media, Inc., accessed on 10 June 2007.

(edit)The Surveillance Society: surveillance in 2006 and projections forward 10 years to 2016. UK: Information Commissioner’s Office., accessed on 11 June 2007.

(edit)Varney, D. (2006). Service transformation: A better service for citizens and businesses, a better deal for the taxpayer. UK: HM Treasury., accessed on 11 June 2007.

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