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This is an example of detecting simple cells in advanced tables, thereby allowing us to recognise the colspan attribute.

Element Content
instrument Declaration for a plugin feature within claptz
Attribute Content
id A unique id for the instrument within the platform. It is a

good idea to follow the Java package naming conventions.

This is not simple.

? bundle An optional resource file path, interpreted by the class

loader. bundle is suffixed with “_<lang>.properties” and the corresponding is associated with the instrument. You can access the resource’s content within the instrument.xml using the string replacement utilities, here ${bundle.<resourcename>}, for any attribute value.

? name An optional name for the instrument.
? vendor An optional vendor name for the instrument.
? version An optional version string for the instrument.
Element Content
? requires Declaration of other instruments that are used by this one.
? extension Declaration of functional extensions to the platform
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