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Examples: Simple Table

This example shows table formatting explained in PmWiki:SimpleTables. It demonstrates the effect of forced line breaks.

Table with line breaks
cell contentmore content
followed by a break
row 2 cell 1row 2 cell 2

The following example is a table with rowspan markup. The PDF requires careful reading, but is correctly laid out.

Rowspan demonstration
DataSome textA string
MoreAnother string
Not spannedString
Text 1Text 2

Here is an example with rowspan and colspan.

This is a more complex example
text 1 aaa bbbtext 2 ddd eee wwwggg hhh iii jjj kkk lll mmm nnn
textmore text
text 2 ddd eeevvv wwwtext 3 hhh iii jjj kkk

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