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Parameter Type and Usage Default Value Update Policy
cachePagesInit 32-bit integer (number of pages) 5000 Immediate.
  Usage: Sets number of memory buffers to allocate from the OS for Fennel’s data cache (also used as a pool for volatile scratch memory allocated by ExecStreams). Increasing it after startup causes new free buffers to be allocated; decreasing it causes buffers to be released (flushing them first if they contain dirty data). Note that this memory is NOT part of the JVM heap, although it shares the same virtual memory address space.
cachePageSize 32-bit integer (number of bytes; must be a power of 2) 65536 Immutable after database creation.
  Usage: Determines contiguous size of memory buffers allocated by cache. Also determines contiguous size of pages stored on disk; these are the elemental allocation units for all disk-based data structures such as indexes.
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