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Structural conversion of Text Formatting Rules
Raised by
John Rankin
Date opened
Wednesday, 9 March 2005
The following structures on Text Formatting Rules are not properly converting:
  • horizontal rule (----) markup does not always appear on a line by itself
  • lists are always spaced (cf spacing of this item and the next one)
  • larger ([+...+]) and smaller ([-...-]) text markups are ignored
  • '+big+', '-small-', '^super^', '_sub_', {+ins+}, {-del-}.
    big , small , super , sub , ins , del text markups are ignored
  • processing of !heading markup is not producing multi-level headings (all on one line)
  • table attributes are not being processed
  • table ||!heading|| markup is not being processed (perhaps make these bold, as wiki markup does not support heading rows)
  • add some space above and below tables
  • haven’t checked tables with captions (||!caption!|| markup)
Proposed solution
Investigate all the above as part of the proof of concept stage, fix the ones we can and raise separate issues for any where we don’t know what to do.

Process table attributes (border, align) where there are LATEX equivalents.

Add support to the <visual> tag for other LATEX supported attributes, such as font size changes, and maybe insert and delete.

Look at adding a new element for super/subscript or enhance the <visual> tag.

So far:
  • horizontal rule problem resolved
  • lists problem partially solved
  • larger and smaller text markups are handled with a new <style> element
  • big , small , super , sub text markups now work
  • processing of !heading markup is now placing headings on their own lines and producing LATEX headings
  • table headings and captions work
  • table attributes covered in issue 00014
Date closed
Wednesday, 11 May 2005

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