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How should we handle citations
Raised by
John Rankin
Date opened
Monday, 30 January 2006
If a page is in the form of a paper that cites articles, we need a way to build a bibliography and format citations using a choice of styles. We need to mark up text in the form of a citation, refer to a particular article, and generate references as either footnotes or endnotes. Multiple articles need to be able to share the same bibliography, but when printing or viewing an article, only the cited references should be shown.
Proposed solution
We probably want either each citation to have its own wiki page or a page that lists the citations. Then any referenced pages need to be pulled into the output. There may be an existing cookbook recipe we can use as a starting point. PmWiki already provides an excellent cookbook called BibtexRef which is widely used. A useful solution would be to take BibtexRef citations (in the form {[bibfile, reference]} ) and create a Reference page in the end of the document using the bibtex files in the local PmWiki bibtex directory (assigned in local config.php).
See Bibliographies.User Guide. Feature included in server version 0.9.5b and wikipublisher library version 2.1.3 — ReleaseLog.20070509.
Date closed
Wednesday, 9 May 2007

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