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Provide an option to return the raw LATEX
Raised by
John Rankin
Date opened
Friday, 5 May 2006
We need a way to tell the server to return unprocessed LATEX.
For some applications, writers or readers may wish to modify the intermediate LATEX output that the Wikipublisher server engine produces. At the moment, the best one can do is use the debug option and copy and paste the LATEX into a text editor. However, this does not cover images and tables, which are in separate generated files.

“may wish” is too weak. E.g., I would like to use wikipublisher to prepare a proposal that is required to be in 12pt. Many conference papers have very specific format requirements. Wikipublisher is such a nice system that I would like to use it, even at the cost of hand editing the LATEX. (WR Franklin)

Proposed solution
Provide an optional parameter that causes the typesetting server to return all its generated LATEX files in a .tgz (or .zip) directory. For example, this could be in the form of a Download LATEX button on the request confirmation screen. This button would be a configurable option.
The main problem with producing raw LATEX for people is that the LATEX produced by Wikipublisher doesn’t really look that nice — it’s nowhere near as clean as most human-produced LATEX. However, we have added an option in release 2.1.0 and server version 0.9.4a.
Set $EnableLatex = true before loading the wikipublisher extensions. To get a zipped folder of all the LATEX files, press the LATEX button on the wikipublisher request screen.
Date closed
Friday, 6 October 2006

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