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19 July 2006 at 03:53 PM by John Rankin - Add support for table and figure references
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:Summary:Add support for table and figure references


:Raised by:[[~WR Franklin]]

:Date opened:2006-06-24

:Description:Is to possible to refer to figure numbers in my document? That is, if the generated caption says "Figure 5", is there some markup that will expand to 5? The problem needing solving is that figures can float so far away from the reference that I can't even write "see the next figure". Of course, one solution would be to rearrange the document so that the figures don't float very far. However that has to be redone everytime something is added.


:Proposed solution:Add support for references to figures and tables with [=FIG(id)=] and [=TAB(id)=] markup, where "id" refers to a unique author-assigned id reference on the figure or table.



:Resolution:Added in version 2.0.8, released [[ReleaseLog/20060712]]. For an example of the markup in use, see [[Wikipublisher/WhyLatex | Why Latex]].

:Date closed:2006-07-12
Page last modified on 19 July 2006 at 03:53 PM