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How best to support nested div markup
Raised by
John Rankin
Date opened
Thursday, 17 August 2006
With PmWiki 2.1.12, the wiki adds support for nested div markup. If used, this breaks Wikipublisher. At the moment, div markup is turned into <group> tags. The DTD supports nested groups, but the xsl to translate the xml into LATEX doesn’t. Currently, groups of recognised classes are mapped into LATEX mini-pages and these can nest if needed.
Proposed solution
Since nested div markup is generally used to support arbitrary presentation features, often using CSS classes, and Wikipublisher doesn’t handle most style information, there is not a lot we can do. One option is to add a “level” attribute and wrap different levels in different styled rules using nested minipages. This is arbitrary but perhaps reasonable. Another option is to do nothing — just output the group’s contents.
In the short term, we need to disable PmWiki’s nested div feature.
By interpreting nestd div markup as groups of different levels, we can transform these into nested LATEX minipages (boxes within boxes). This is a temporary, prevent it from breaking, solution. If demand for this feature grows, we will look at other solutions.
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