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Setting item value in outline does not carry into pdf
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Friday, 1 December 2006
When creating an outline in PmWiki that is interrupted by a table, the outline numbering resets (as you would expect it to).

PmWiki allows you to “restart” the list numbering by including a wikistyle (such as %apply=item value=8%).

This built-in wikistyle does not seem carry over to the typeset PDF.

Is there a way to have this wikistyle carry over into the PDF; Or, is there a way to avoid interrupting a list when inserting another object?

Proposed solution
In general, wiki effects relying on styles do not carry through into the pdf. Styles are HTML-oriented and do not translate well into the typesetting language used. If the whitespace markup is enabled, whitespace at the beginning of a line can be used to preserve the indent level of a previous list item. This is a fairly new wiki feature and has not been tested with the pdf library.
The value style now works correctly in the PDF and has been released as part of Publish PDF library version 2.1.8 and Wikibook server version 0.9.7. See Examples.Numbered List Styles. This also includes support for setting the numbering style. See Tuesday, 6 November 2007.
Date closed
Tuesday, 6 November 2007

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