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long captions displayed in the margin next to floated figures look terrible
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Saturday, 27 October 2007
If you float a figure to the left/right that has a long caption (i.e. about a sentence in length), the printing of the long caption in the margin is terrible looking and pretty much useless. I understand the reasoning of putting the caption in the margin for left/right floated figures, but for ones with longer captions, the only option is display the figure inline with the text.
Proposed solution
Longer captions should be displayed under figures that are floated left/right.
It might useful to create an example of this behaviour, along with alternative approaches. One option is to turn the long sentence caption into a shorter caption, followed by a paragraph, followed by a break-and-clear ([[<<]]). There is an example at Break Float. Wikipublisher basically follows the author’s instructions; we may need to create a way for an author to specify, “Float this figure in HTML but not in PDF.”

As of Wikibook 0.9.7b, images with side captions are scaled to have a maximum width of slightly over 0.6 of the text width — the golden section φ. See Tuesday, 6 November 2007.

Date closed
Wednesday, 14 November 2007

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