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references at beginning of sentence not capitalized
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Saturday, 27 October 2007
A figure reference at the beginning of a sentence does not correctly have the word “figure” capitalized. The same probably goes for equation and table references.
Proposed solution
Given the difficulty of detecting the start of sentences, simply changing the reference template to something like “Figure #” instead of “figure #” would be the easiest solution. This would also bring the publishing software inline with how MS Word handles references. I say MS Word because I’m sure most people here are looking for a viable alternative to MS Word.
There are 2 possible solutions.
  1. In local/config.php, redefine $FigureReferenceFmt, which in the PDF defaults to array('EQ' => '$[equation]', 'FIG' => '$[figure]', 'TAB' => '$[table]'). For the HTML, also redefine the $EquationPrefix, which is set by default to ‘equation’. The site administrator can do this.
  2. We introduce new markup variants: Eq(id), Fig(id), and Tab(id) which cause the first letter of the prefix to be turned into upper case. This would allow an author to start a sentence with, for example, Fig(id) and elsewhere use FIG(id). There is a precedent for this in the behaviour of cite(key) and Cite(key), where the latter covers the case of a citation which normally starts with a lower case letter, but needs to be capitalised at the start of a sentence. For a working example, see the very end of Latex Equations.

Included in version 2.1.8; see Tuesday, 6 November 2007. A case can be made to change EQ TAB and FIG markup to eq tab and fig, for consistency with cite and Cite markup.

Date closed
Tuesday, 6 November 2007

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