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direct access to cached pdf files for endusers (readers)
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Thursday, 18 December 2008
For our targetgroup I cannot use the wikipublisher controls on every pmwiki page. Instead I have tweaked my wikipublisher recipe (and my wikibook server) to build and save a pdf from a typeset trail once every night (cronjob). Our users simply download that static file.


  • layman users are not bothered with technical options and controls on the wiki pages.
  • users get a direct download instead of waiting several minutes for the pdf book (100 pages) to build.
  • save redundant processing of the same book over and over again.

Question: Shouldn’t such an unobtrusive use of wikipublisher be a standard feature - at least for those who have installed their own server? Actually, even for, a cache of static pdf files could be useful.

Proposed solution
Perhaps raise this on the Wikipublisher.Discussion Group, with a description of the desired user experience and the changes required to wikipublisher and the wikibook server. It should not be necessary to run a cronjob (although this may be one option). For example, there could be a “Cache the PDF” checkbox on the Download page. In principle, we should be able to give the PDF to pmwiki and tell it to add the file to the uploads directory, then use a regular attach directive to link to it. It’s not clear how to do this, but it should be possible.
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