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In this page is for testing the pits:

about this option:

How to read
  • the red dots are the entries of a wikitrail
  • The exclamation mark shows the headinglevel defined in the wikipage
  • The numberings are the numbers in the pdf output
  • The Pagename is the first header in the dokument and it has the heading level 1
  • A heading level 1 in a wikipage has the same lvl as the pagename (level 1).. From a quality point of view, a heading level 1 could also be a new wikipage. It is may not cause the capter is too small. Cause every wikipage forces a pagebreak in the pdf output, authors can control the pagebreak.

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Wikipublisher now supports a simplified version of this proposal. It uses the first heading found on the page as a section indicator and determines the depth from the depth of the current page. All subsequent uses of that heading level on the page will end the current section and start a new one. Typesetting a single page becomes a special case of this rule, so we can also produce bookmarks for a pdf of a single wiki page. This approach is more robust and possibly less confusing that using predefined heading levels to determine structure. It is better to start with something simple and refine it over time if the need arises.
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