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Press Books: China

The following table lists the features required in the layout of the book, China, that have not (yet) been implemented.

Layout requirements (to do)
contents pagechapters can start on verso (even) pageseasy; redefine chapter command, but can’t hang chapter numbers (or treat as a bug)
frontispieceon contents verso page, not facing the title pageeasy; add a frontispiece placement option (but how do we force verso?)
imagesfull paperwidth — out to trimming markshalf works; imagesize=wide option adds marginpar to width (Hugh: or just max width in line w text?)
bibliographyformat citation entrieshard; pressbooks has to generate citation markup. (Hugh: if we can do 2 col, hanging indent … can fake it? Yes)

The following table lists the features required in the layout of the book, China, that have been implemented.

Layout requirements (done)
trimming marksshow marks on an A4 page where the book is cut to desired papersizedone; requires the crop package
trimming marksuse a custom paper size based on A5done; redefine paperheight and textheight
halftitle pagegrey decorative box to left page edgedone; redefine halftitle command
halftitle pagegrey title textworks; use headingcolor metadata attribute
title pagegrey decorative box to left page edgedone; redefine title command
title pagegrey title textworks; use headingcolor metadata attribute
title pageplacement and grey/black text layoutdone; redefine title command
title pagesetting landenreeks in white/black on greydone; how do we do this? (Hugh: w an image?) use colorbox
legal noticepossibly specific layout requirementsworks; redefine booklegal command
page numberswhite on grey backgrounddone as grey border; redefine running header/footer command
frontmatter pagesnumbers are arabic and mainmatter page numbers continuefeature or bug? (Hugh: let’s call it a bug)
contents pageentry format for chapter numbers in the left marginworks; use the tocloft package and redefine \numberline
contents pagewords set in grey after each chapter title (subtitles)works; where do they come from? use tocloft? (Hugh: let’s call them chapter metadata & we can pass you the variable to style? is that any better? :/)
contents pageentry format for sections without page numbersdone; use the tocloft package
chaptergrey chapter and section headingsworks; tweak chapterstyle Jane and use headingcolor attribute
chaptersans serif font, ragged right, and space between paragraphsworks; use bodystyle, justification, parasep attributes
chapterchapters numbered on the toc page are not numbered in the bodyfeature or bug? numbers to match toc format? (Hugh: again lets call it a bug for now)
chapterpage numbers are aligned to chapter heading baselineeasy; redefine chapter style (very carefully — do later)
sectionssometimes start a new page in the final chapterworks; turn \clearpage attribute on for unnumbered sections (Hugh: this seems unimportant to me. Ignore)
body texttext blocks on a paperwidth grey background with a white captionregular width works; new custom float option? (Hugh: just regular width to start?)
body textgrey text blocks in a box with top, inside, bottom rulesworks; redefine the group class='frame' environment (but can’t get rules to outside margin)
marginparnone; text centered in the paperwidthdone; fake it by going to the cut marks
captionsimages and custom floats are not numberedworks; redefine caption setup? (Hugh: I’d like to get this to work, but to start we can number them I think?
bibliographytwo columns of textworks; use group class=“multicol” and (optional) cfloatcols attribute

Completed: do the things supported “out-of-the-box” — then add trimming marks and get the body text centred, with a marginpar width to the outer cut. Are all the other features equally important?

We also need a method to invoke a named style file, so we can implement this and other designs without breaking existing code. The best way to do this is to use the class or style attribute on the <book> element to specify a china.sty file, loaded after we load wikibook-book.sty. Once we have a working example of this, we can publish china.sty, so people can use it to design and implement their own layouts (book skinning). We have also cleaned up how wikibook-book.sty handles title pages, because once we support custom styles, we are locked into a particular way of doing things.

Using the Attach:china.sty file depends on the following book metadata settings (explanations follow in brackets):

The china style file requires Wikibook PDF server version 1.2.0 or above, as it uses the subtitle feature added to support the Fortress book style.

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