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The following is a list of available presentation metadata settings, with suggested implementation priority. It uses a simplified version of the form template markup used in Wikipublisher.

User experience

  • The author chooses an overall “look” — cover layout and chapter heads
  • The author then fills in a form (pick lists, radio and check boxes) to tailor presentation details
  • any presentation constraints in the choice of look cause the form to display the setting, but the author cannot change it
  • presentation settings not exposed for author customisation get default values assigned automatically
  • if in future PressBooks exposes more presentation options, this will not affect any existing books
  • to expose new presentation settings, an administrator ticks a check box on a form listing the available options

Priority A

pagesize Page size (*A4;A5;US| US letter;HU| Half US;TP| Trade Paperback;CH| Classic Hardback)

trim Crop marks (check on)

coverstyle Cover heading style (*sans;serif)

headingstyle Heading style (*sans;serif)

bodystyle Body style (sans;*serif)

fontset Font set (*pslatex| times, default| computer modern, newcent| new century, palatino, palatcm| palatino modern, timex| times expert, fourier| utopia, kepler, libre, venturis)

parasep Paragraph separator (*indent;space)

fontsize Text size (10pt| small;*11pt| regular;12pt| large)

duplex Duplex (*check on)

Priority B

headingcolor Heading colour (*| None, Aquamarine, Bittersweet, BlueViolet, Cerulean, BrickRed, DarkOrchid, ForestGreen, MidnightBlue, NavyBlue, OliveGreen, Periwinkle, PineGreen, Plum, RawSienna, RedOrange, RoyalBlue, RoyalPurple, Sepia, Violet, WildStrawberry, Dark, Medium)

colorlinks Colour links (check on)

cover Cover alignment (*left;centre;right)

titlepage Title page style (*regular;fancy;fancier;fanciest)

chapterstyle Chapter style (*Plain, Robyn, Sonny, Lenny, Glenn, Conny, Rejne, Bjarne, Bjornstrup, Alison, Christa, Gustav, Jane, Kate, Robert)

ucsection Section style uppercase (check on)

preface Preface before contents (*check on)

dottedtoc Dotted contents (*check on)

justification Justification (*check on)

urlstyle Urls typewriter-style (*check on)

space French spacing (*check on)

Priority C

watermark Watermark (| [none], draft, exposure draft, confidential, sample)

chappg Chapter-page numbers (check on)

autonumber Autonumber depth (0| off;1;*2;3)

bookmarks PDF bookmarks (*| off;numbered;autonumbered| to autonumber depth;chapters;sections)

toc List chapter contents (check on)

chapterbib Chapter bibliography (check on)

tablelist List tables (check on)

figurelist List figures (check on)

hrstyle Rule style (*105|clover cross, 150|sparkle cross, 166|diamond cross, 121|bold asterisk, 122|open asterisk, 133|petal asterisk, 134|open petal asterisk, 140|five petal flower, 144|snowflake, 246|aldus leaf, 247|hedera leaf, 040|space, asterisk)

hrrepeat Rule style repeat character (check on)

imagesize Image size (*regular;small;sidecaps| side captions;rotate| allow rotation;wide)

floathere Allow floats here (figures;tables;cfloats| custom floats;on| all floats;*off)

wrapfloat Allow text to wrap (check on)

cfloatstyle Custom float style (boxed;ruled;plain;*plaintop| plain top;shaded)

cfloatname Custom float name (hide *$CfloatName)

cfloatcols Custom float columns (*|1;2;3)

cfloatlist List custom floats ($CfloatList;*|off)

Style constraints

By default, any combination of metadata settings will work (although some combinations may be typographically questionable). However, when a book style file is specified, this constrains what metadata settings are allowed. For example, applying Fortress affects the following options:

  • pagesize: HU or TP only
  • fontset: kepler only
  • fontsize: 12pt only (smaller sizes produce too many characters per line)
  • cover: centre only
  • titlepage: ignored
  • chapterstyle: ignored
  • autonumber: 0 only
  • bookmarks: autonumbered only
  • cfloatstyle: shaded only (other options should work)
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