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Press Books: Verse Demonstrator

Here is Hugh’s verse example.

The Roadworks Ahead
As I stated before, we will always debate:
the quality of the paper, the pixel density of the display;
the cloth used on covers, the interface for highlighting;
location by page, location by paragraph.
This is not what matters. Surface is secondary.
The ditch-digging,
the setting of steel,
the pouring of concrete for the foundation of the future book.
This is what requires our efforts.
Clearly defined scope of these systems,
clearly defined open protocols.
These are what require our discussion.
Tools with simple, quiet, clean, interfaces
organically surfacing our changing relationship with text.
These are what we need to build.
All of these efforts combined, these systems integrated,
these tools made well and deliberately.
This is the future book,
our platform for post-artifact books and publishing.
Hugh McGuire

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