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Monday, 12 September 2005

First public beta version released

  • stable
  • supports all standard markup rules
  • includes extended markup rules
  • supports many wikistyles
  • typesets any single page or page collection
  • reader control of typesetting options
  • basic documentation

Features expected in the next release

  • add support for <hr style=“dotted” />
  • fix (:markup:) markup to use <group class=‘frame’> (floating mini-page)
  • improve pdf metadata: surtitle → subject, subtitle → author, change application to wikibook XML (
  • on pdf creation failure, redirect to the original page with action=texerror and display a Site.Wikipublisher Error
  • improve advanced table support, eg PmWiki.Basic Editing page, by putting <group> around cell contents
  • improve bgcolor style support so these work with URLs
  • add support for legal notice (Site.Print Header) and colophon (Site.Print Footer) pages
  • provide more flexilility in recognising Approved Wiki Urls

Bug fixes in the next release

  • stop action=links treating {$WPVersion} as a Wiki Word
  • remove (:title:) directives from inote markup inclusions
  • improve handling of (:markup:) when using `. to omit headings from toc
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