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Tuesday, 22 November 2005

2.0.beta6 released

  • improve long table support for advanced tables (issue 00044)
  • headings generate bookmarks for single pages (issue 00050) and page collections (issue 00041)
  • image alt text used as figure caption
  • shrink over-sized images to fit page
  • improve support for left and right floated images
  • recognise paragraphs ending in [[<<]] after images as part of the caption

Bug fixes in the current release

  • better handling of block styles
  • fix problem when $EnablePathInfo = 1
  • fix minor bug in wiki calendar
  • add internationalisation to wiki forms
  • add a (:typeset-page:) directive
  • template modifications to correct dtd references

Features expected in the next release

  • much improved WikiStyle support (00028)
  • improved floating image handling
  • larger text option for visually impaired readers (00053)
  • improve category support in wiki forms
  • add support for A5 pages (not achieved)

Bugs fixed in the next release

  • simple tables inside advanced tables now work (00055 and see Nested Table?)
  • prevent marginal paragraphs from losing the odd character
  • prevent anchors in wiki page references from occasionally failing (00035)
  • wiki forms now sorts by last modified date column
  • better error handling

Posted 22 November 2005, at 01:27 PM by John Rankin

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