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Wednesday, 21 December 2005

2.0.beta8 released

  • continue to improve style handling, notably background colour (00057)
  • centred and right aligned styles now work (00048)
  • larger text option for visually impaired readers (00053)
  • use a mail form to report wikipublisher errors
  • add field search to wiki forms — see Issues.Summary Search

Bug fixes in the current release

  • none

Features expected in the next release

  • DTD freeze to enable release of server-side component
  • prevent readers from over-riding author-specified typesetting options
  • improve support for long tables, including running heads (00044)
  • add support for headings on trail publish pages (00061)
  • add support for hanging punctuation (00040)
  • add support for %comment% style
  • add support for A5 pages (00030 not achieved)

Bugs fixed in the next release

  • honour end-of-line break instructions (00046)
  • match margins on left and right hand pages (00058)
  • allow [bracketed text] at the start of list items (00060)
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