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Friday, 17 February 2006

2.0.0 released (candidate with PmWiki 2.1 compatibility)

  • server-side available
  • complete support for long tables, including captions and running footers (00044)
  • show/hide page table of contents, eg on the FAQ page
  • view the Wikibook DTD as linked wiki pages (00037)
  • utf-8 output option with $XMLEncodingFmt variable
  • use modified wikistyles.php from 2.1beta25 for pdf output

Bug fixes in the current release

  • make search compatible with pmwiki 2.1beta26
    • enable FPLByGroup function
    • work around pagelist problem
  • handle & characters in url links correctly
  • handle HTML entities in latexrender correctly
  • handle nested inline markups like bold citations and italic small caps

Features expected in the next release

  • forms support title markup to create meaningful page titles
  • add support for 2 column layour (‘small’ print option 00056)
  • add support for A5 pages (00030 not achieved)

Bugs fixed in the next release

  • address pmwiki 2.1beta26 compatibility issue: $EnableWikiStyles
  • column sorting with form field search (eg Summary Search)
  • incomplete alt text when LATEX equation includes apostrophe (prime)
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