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Wednesday, 12 July 2006

2.0.8 released: supports figure and table cross-references

  • add support for (:typeset-trail:) markup, that turns trail markup into include text
  • add support for >>comment<< block style markup — Documentation Index now typesets correctly
  • add figure and table cross-references with FIG(idref) and TAB(idref) markup (issue 00088)
  • improve display of external links in latexpmwiki template, eg
  • minor tweaks to page table of contents

Bug fixes in the current release

  • remove table attribute space tidier, which is now in PmWiki
  • correct handling of nested headings when a page ends with an open block markup, such as >>comment<< without a corresponding >><<

Features expected in the next release

  • see the outstanding issues — no major enhancements are currently planned

Bugs fixed in the next release

  • correct assigning of ID references to floating figures1
  • ensure keywords and abstract follow the order defined in Wikibook DTD
  • correct handling of page sections when $EnablePathInfo = 1

Next typesetting server release

  • add support for FIG(idref) and TAB(idref) markup — output a label after figure or table captions, if the <figure> or <table> carries an id
  • add support for <group class=‘comment’> that omits the content of the <group> … </group> block
  • provide a more detailed message when the url access check fails and access is denied
  • include checks on image size limits (file size and width/height dimensions) to prevent runaway processing
  • provide a suitable error message if a requested image cannot be retrieved
  • (under consideration) provide an option to download raw LATEX output for further manual editing; note that the raw LATEX is not formatted for human readability

1 at the moment, the wikipublisher server doesn’t process these correctly — see issue 00089 (↑)

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