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Monday, 17 July 2006

Wikibook-0.9.3f Server version released

The new version adds a number of improvements and fixes:

  • add support for FIG(idref) and TAB(idref) markup — output a label after figure or table captions, if the <figure> or <table> carries an id
  • add support for <group class=‘comment’> that omits the content of the <group> … </group> block
  • provide a more detailed message when the url access check fails and access is denied
  • include checks on image size limits (file size and width/height dimensions) to prevent runaway processing
  • provide a suitable error message if a requested image cannot be retrieved

Configuration file format has changed

This version changes the format of the configuration file. Existing configuration files will continue to work, but new configuration features, such as the ability to limit the size of image files, use the new format.

The new version can be downloaded from Install the Server.

Features in the next Server version

  • output labels as part of figure and table captions, rather than after the caption — this is a cosmetic change
  • use the image alt text (if present) in the list of figures (if requested) — this is a bug fix
  • correct the error in that used the old form of configuration call
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