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Monday, 31 July 2006

Wikibook-0.9.3g Server version released

The new version has the following fixes:

  • output labels as part of figure and table captions, rather than after the caption — this is a cosmetic change
  • use the image alt text (if present) in the list of figures (if requested) — this is a bug fix
  • correct the error in that used the old form of configuration call

Configuration file format has changed

This version fixes an error introduced in 0.9.3f with the shift to a new configuration file format. The new version can be downloaded from Install the Server.

Features in the next Server version

  • change end of row marker in long tables to \tabularnewline
  • add support for a book template — the associated DTD changes mean the next release will be 0.9.4a
  • add a verify feature to check the configuration information and report any errors
  • check for and remove temporary directories and files (issue 00095)
  • add basic support for nested div markup with boxed minipages (issue 00093)
  • fix problemm with brackets in urls (issue 00096)
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