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30 November 2006 at 09:53 PM by John Rankin - version 0.9.4b released
Added lines 1-11:
!!! Wikibook Server version 0.9.4b released
* change end of row marker in long tables to \tabularnewline
* add support for a book template -- the associated DTD changes mean this release starts the 0.9.4 series
* add a verify feature to check the configuration information and report any errors
* add basic support for nested div markup with boxed minipages ([[issue(s.) 00093]])
* check for and remove temporary directories and files ([[issue(s.) 00095]])
* fix problem with brackets in urls ([[issue(s.) 00096]])
* fix a problem causing the server to fail with an error if a page contains invalid characters, such as smart quotes copied from a word processor

Version 0.9.4a was installed on for testing. This release 0.9.4b fixes a number of minor problems detected during the test phase.
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