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Release Log: 2007-01-15

Problem with vertical space

When PmWiki enhanced the way it handles vertical spacing, to eliminate the use of empty <p class='vspace'></p> tags, this changed the way $HTMLVSpace behaves. Over the holidays, we discovered that this breaks some of Wikipublisher’s features. That’s because:

The main area affected seems to be in the way we turn search results into a form, allowing an information seeker to publish search results. The fix is to add a posteval markup rule that changes any outstanding <vspace> values into <div class='vspace'></div>. This is under investigation and subject to further testing.

Trial citation markup

Work is under way to develop a simple way of recording and using academic citations (references) to provide bibliographies for wiki pages. It supports numeric and author–year citation styles. The basic idea is that an author writes “cite(key)” to refer to a citation and lists citations by key in a (:bib:) ... (:bibend:) block. Features include:

The HTML version of this feature is working well. The pdf version doesn’t work at all at this point. Generating a pdf of a page with citations produces an empty bibliography. We are seeking a source of funding to develop the pdf side and are investigating work-arounds that might produce something usable from the current typesetting server version.

More information is at Bibliographies.User Guide.

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