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04 May 2007 at 09:16 PM by John Rankin - improve Q: and A: handling
Changed lines 20-21 from:
* improve handling of Q: and A: markup (use run-in heads)
01 May 2007 at 07:18 PM by John Rankin - list further fixes
Added lines 23-24:
* fix problem if headings are used on a trail page
* minor fix to cover the case of text on the same line as [=>>div<<=] markup
26 April 2007 at 06:15 PM by John Rankin - newline bug fix
Changed lines 18-19 from:
* add support for citations in pdf output (requires pdf server enhancements)
* add support for citations in pdf output (requires pdf server and dtd enhancements)
* add support for appendices in typeset books
Changed line 22 from:
* to be determined
* trap newlines in simple table cells and replace with &para; marks -- otherwise Latex fails
23 March 2007 at 01:57 PM by John Rankin - version 2.1.2 released
Added lines 1-21:
!!!2.1.2 released: minor fixes and prepare for citations support
This version includes minor updates and bug fixes:
* add support for [[bibliographies]], if we can get the pdf side to work
** this is disabled by default -- the HTML side works, but not the pdf
* add today's date option to wikiform date fields and authorplain option
* add wikiform features needed for citation forms

Once we complete the citations support, [[Wikipublisher]] will move into maintenance (bug fixes and minor enhancements) mode.

!!!Bug fixes in the current release
* prevent php error if typesetting a trail which has no stops defined
* improve smart quote handling of prime marks, such as 6'' 4"" -- [[issue(s.) 00100]]
* correct the [=(:typeset-trail:)=] handler's use of the article template
* fix vertical space errors introduced when PmWiki changed the behaviour of vspace

!!!Features expected in the next release
* start the process of testing Wikipublisher with the PmWiki 2.2 software series
* add support for citations in pdf output (requires pdf server enhancements)

!!!Bugs fixed in the next release
* to be determined
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