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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Server version 0.9.5b adds bibliography support

There is a demonstration page containing illustrative real-world content at Bibliographies.Advocacy.

Features in the current server release

Bug fixes in the current server release

  • minor fix to alignment of hanging indent — preparing for issue 00045

Features expected in the next release

Bug fixes in the next release

Wikipublisher library version 2.1.3 adds citation markup

Features in the current release

  • add support for citations in pdf output (requires pdf server and dtd version wikibook-0.9.5b)
  • add support for appendices in typeset books
  • improve handling of Q: and A: markup (use run-in heads)

Bugs fixed in the current release

  • trap newlines in simple table cells and replace with ¶ marks — otherwise LATEX fails
  • fix problem if headings are used on a trail page
  • minor fix to cover the case of text on the same line as >>div<< markup

Features expected in the next release

  • start the process of testing Wikipublisher with the PmWiki 2.2 software series

Bugs fixed in the next release

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