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Friday, 5 October 2007

Upcoming maintenance releases

On the Wikibook server:

  • split long Urls on discretionary hyphenation characters -./ (not _ at present) — Issue 00112
  • tidy the presentation of <abstract> in the report document class
  • add support for colorlinks metadata option
  • typeset verbatim text as small (normal is unnaturally big)
  • correct scale of oversized images when generating A5 output

In the PublishPDF library

  • identify discretionary hyphenation characters in Url link text
  • identify and remove duplicate anchor names
  • paper writing services
  • improve handling of (:markup:) markup (side-by-side view and handle heading markup)
  • fix obscure bug in citations that only appears if the page name is numeric
  • introduce a patch to improve support for pagelists (also requires a change to PmWiki) — for a working example, see PmWiki.FAQ

The release may also include a new backtick markup to set abbreviations a size smaller (e.g. PDF instead of PDF).

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