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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Maintenance release of the Wikibook server version 0.9.6c

  • split long Urls on the discretionary hyphenation characters -./ (not _ at present) — Issue 00112
  • tidy the presentation of <abstract> in the report document class (the (:typeset:) directive)
  • add support for colorlinks metadata option so links are colour-coded in the PDF
  • typeset verbatim text as small (normal size is unnaturally big)
  • correct the scale of oversized images when generating A5 output — try Tip of the Week 00003 with A4 and A5 paper
  • fix fatal error with coloured text using some xslt processors (thanks to Gour and Rommel who discovered this independently within a week of one another) — Issue 00113

The release is available from Install the Server.

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