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06 November 2007 at 03:20 PM by John Rankin - PublishPDF release notes version 2.1.8
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!!Another round of patches and minor enhancements

!!!Wikipublisher library changes in version 2.1.8
* add ;author;quotation as start-of-line markup for quotations, using <blockquote> markup, including use of pull quotes -- see [[Examples.Quotations]]
* add {*highlight text*} to complement {+insert+} and {-delete-} markup
* add support for alternate numbering styles in lists, e.g. legal and numbered list continuation -- see Examples.NumberedListStyles (fixes a long-standing [[issue(s.) 00097]])
* enhanced latexrender equation markup supports Wikipublisher/AlignedEquations (thanks to Samuel)
* simpler to install and configure latexrender (thanks to Tyrel)
* [=Fig(id)=], [=Tab(id)=] and [=Eq(id)=] capitalise the first letter of figure, table and equation references; cf. [=cite(key)=] and [=Cite(key)=] (thanks to Tyrel) -- illustrated on Wikipublisher/LatexEquations ([[issue(s.) 00118]])
* enable alternate `ExtractTrailStops function to support publishing a "trail of trails" as a book (thanks to Gustav) -- see Cookbook/TypesetTrailOfTrails
* enhanced wikiforms supports exact matches in lists (thanks to Peter) and autofill field using $_REQUEST['fieldname'] (thanks to Edwin)

!!!Bug fixes
* fix problem introduced in 2.1.7 when catching duplicate anchor names
* improve handling of vertical space after lists, so the following paragraph no longer indents

!!!Wikibook server changes in version 0.9.7a
* fix strange problem when text with a background colour contains quote marks
* add support for pull quotes, highlighted, inserted and deleted text, numbered list styles, aligned equations
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