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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Wikibook server version 0.9.7e released

This server release fixes a number of outstanding issues:

  • figure and table numbers are boldface and match the headingstyle (sans or serif) — issue 00068
  • figure captions of a single line are automatically centred under the figure — issue 00078
  • set floats to [tbp] (top, bottom, page) by default, with a metadata option to allow floats [h]ere (floathere=on) — issue 00119
  • alphabetic lists now support up to 52 items, using aa, bb, … for items 27–52 — issue 00121

It also supports some new features

  • add an option to the imagesize metadata type to apply side captions to all figures (imagesize=sidecaps)
  • recognize bgcolor attribute in (:cell:) markup (note that this attribute is deprecated in XHTML 1.0)
  • long Url addresses in Letters now correctly wrap on discretionary hyphenation characters

This release works best with Publish PDF version 2.1.11 and above — see Wednesday, 30 January 2008. It works with older versions of Publish PDF, but some new features will not be available.

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