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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Publish PDF version 2.1.11 released with PmWiki 2.2 support

This release is the first to be tested with PmWiki version 2.2 and is the last of the 2.1 series. Testing under PmWiki 2.2 identified a number of (mostly cosmetic) issues and these have been fixed. Version 2.1.11 is also compatible with PmWiki 2.1.27.

On under PmWiki 2.2beta65, we sometimes see a php warning that seems to arise from PmWiki’s whitespace markup rule. Unfortunately, this is intermittent and reloading the page makes the warning go away. There may be other issues that testing has not yet revealed.

The release includes several enhancements and fixes:

  • fixes a minor problem with image reference text — issue 00120
  • suppresses the “page not found” message for book chapters; this makes it easier to define an aphorism for a non-existent chapter page
  • adds Prologue and Epilogue as unnumbered book chapter types
  • adds floathere=on/off and imagesize=sidecaps to publish templates
  • makes the current year a page variable and uses this in print footer template pages — {$Year} produces 2022
  • adds a “View XML” option to the default PDF download page (very useful for debugging!)
  • fixes a bug in the handling of abbreviations, so WTF.HomePage and WTF are handled correctly
  • fixes a bug in presenting typesetting options for publishing wikilists from the wikiforms recipe (e.g. the “PDF options” button on Tip of the Week)
  • enhances the wikilist search options to support quoted search strings and ranges

For upgrade instructions, see Upgrading to PmWiki 22.

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