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Monday, 18 February 2008

Work is progressing on a number of enhancements, installed on this site, taking us close to Wikibook server version 1.0.0.

  • add (:div id=idName"caption text" :) markup to add a label and caption to div blocks
    • cf simple table markup ||id=idName"summary text"
  • add Div(idName) and DIV(idName) cross-reference markup to link to labelled div blocks
    • cf Tab(idName) and TAB(idName) markup
  • add (:table id=idName"summary text" :) markup to add a label and summary to advanced tables
    • added for completeness and possibly unstable (needs more testing)
  • TAB(idName) can now refer to labelled advanced tables (using id=idName"Summary text" markup), as well as to simple tables
  • if a table has no caption, but does have a summary (using id=idName"Summary text" markup), this becomes the PDF caption
    • cf image alt text if image caption is omitted
  • in the PDF, a div with an idName and caption becomes a custom float, labelled ‘Extract’
  • improve PDF handling of (:markup:) captions: (:markup caption="caption text" :) becomes either an advanced table (class=horiz) or a floating div, with a numbered caption
  • hr markup (----) produces a dingbat separator in the PDF by default
    • to revert to a rule, set $WPhrStyle = "rule"; in local/config.php before loading wikipublisher
    • it generates 1 ding by default; for 3, use (:typeset hrrepeat=on:) or change the appropriate Site.*Template page(s)
  • new Site.*Template files in wikipublisher/wikilib.d add support for floating div options and custom hr styles
    • if you have edited any Site.*Template files, you will not have access to the new features; either rename or delete your local template files
    • the pick list of hr styles has many dingbat choices; perhaps too many
    • a book can include a List of Extracts (untested, but the float manual says it will work; off by default)
    • there is a choice of 4 custom float styles for floating div blocks
  • the Site.*Template files add a new font option (utopia) but LATEX fonts are tricky things and it may not work on some wikibook servers
  • forms now recognise headings as form dividers, and PDF options are organised into groups of related settings for clarity
  • pmwiki 2.2 changes broke equations and ↔ markup; this has been fixed and should still be compatible with 2.1.27
    • pmwiki 2.2 seems to have changed (and possibly broken) the markup sequence processor; it appears that it doesn’t always honour the specified rule sequences

The Wikibook DTD doesn’t know about the new meta type values yet (required to support custom floats and horizontal rules), so xmllint will return validation errors at the start of debug mode. However, the PDF should still be correct.

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