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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Publish PDF library version 2.2.2 released

This is available for download from Cookbook:PublishPDF. I think we can now say the software is mature and stable. This release is mostly cosmetic improvements and includes the following:

  • improves support for tables
    • advanced tables with captions now float and may include a class=long
    • if the first row is headings, this is separated from the body with a thin rule
  • adds a “conditional skip” start of line markup using =? to complement => (right), =| (centre) and =< (left)
    • if a floating object follows a list, the next paragraph is (incorrectly) indented when parasep=indent
    • starting the paragraph with =? will check whether the previous element is a float and if so, treat the paragraph as if it follows directly after the list; i.e. with no indent and a medium vertical skip
    • this has no effect on the HTML output
  • improves the handling of acronyms like HTML and PDF (these now use smallcaps)
  • adds support for new meta typesetting options
    • floathere=tables tries to place tables “here”; floathere=figures tries to place figures “here”
    • extends use of textsize; as of Wikibook version 1.0.2, textsize=12pt will adjust the text line length in articles and reports and textsize=2col is more reliable
  • adds an administrator option to control handling of print headings generated from wiki trail links (see Tip of the Week 00027)
  • improves the handling of wikiform-based pages that display through a view template
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