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Friday, 25 April 2008

Wikibook server version 1.0.2 released

This version is a maintenance release and adds minor cosmetic improvements:

  • support for <p skip=“if”> tags to process =? line markup

    when a paragraph includes a “conditional skip” attribute, if the preceding tag is a floating figure or table, Wikibook suppresses the paragraph indent and adds a medium vertical skip

  • better support for 2 column output — text works fine, figures with side captions span both columns, regular figures scale to fit one column, and tables work if they are narrow (suck it and see)
  • adjustment to the line length when the body text font size changes — a larger font size makes the line longer, so the average number of characters per line stays about the same
  • reduction in the size of subsubsection and paragraph headings when the body font size is 11pt, to increase the contrast between subsection and subsubsection headings from 1pt to 2pt
  • use of a centred asterisk when the <hr> dingbat style is “asterisk” (previously, it used a regular superscript asterisk)
  • user-agent set to “Wikibook” when issuing a GET request for XML and images from remote sites

This release complements the Publish PDF library version 2.2.2, available from Cookbook:PublishPDF.

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