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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Wikibook server 1.0.3 and Publish PDF library 2.2.3 released

This joint release provides a number of cosmetic improvements. In particular…

  • book title pages are much improved (Issue 00105)
    • the justification and font style for the cover pages now work
    • choice of regular or fancy title pages, with different styles for left, centre and right aligned title pages
    • fixed a bug in handling of prefaces, so these once again print before the contents page
  • table layouts are improved
    • in simple tables, if the first row is all headings, treat it as a heading row with a following rule
    • in advanced tables, if the first row is all bold text, treat it as a running head
    • fixed a typing error in the LATEX tabulary package that caused some tables to misprint
  • citation handling is improved
    • when coloured links is specified, it now uses the correct link colour (green instead of red)
    • reduce memory requirements when sorting a long list of references
  • adjust line length in books to reflect the body text size and maintain about 66 chatacters per line on average (thanks to Gustav for pointing this out)
  • add support for line numbers in typeset pages, with the bodystyle=numbered option (thanks to Simon for suggesting this)

There is potentially more work to do on book title pages. These are the most “designed” part of any book and least conducive to automated typesetting. This latest release illustrates what is possible, but barely scratches the surface. The current thinking is to add layouts 3 at a time — left, centred and right aligned (and perhaps a mixed alignment design). See also Issue 00123.

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